Nov 23, 2012

Brokering Cease Fire between Israel and Hamas

Every apparently well meaning politican who demands a ‘cease fire’ or ‘restraint from all parties’ who wants to ‘broker a cease fire’ legitimizes Hamas terror. A cease fire – as reasoned from the outside – is desirable if both parties are somehow morally equal, if they were torn into the struggle ‘by accident’. You don’t even try to broker a cease fire between the Allies and the Wehrmacht, not between the police and hostage takers and not between the IDF and the Hamas. You either demand unconditional surrender from the right side or you shut up. Everyone who does that is suggesting that Israel and Hamas are somehow morally comparable and is culpable of legitimizing Hamas’ tactics. Secretary of State Clinton and German Foreign Minister Westerwelle for example are not just stupid, they have Israeli blood on their hands.